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Workout Thursday April 6, 2017 – Today finally hit my handstand goal of 2 minutes of free handstand in 4 sets or less, so this week moving on to small steps up and down. The goal to get up controlled, support and get back down 10 times, moving up to the next height when I can do 10 times in 1 set. Secondly 

Weight – 181.5lbs  HRV6 Parasympathetic

Stress: 5/10 – Sleep: 8/10  – Nutrition: 9/10 – Energy: 8/10 – H2O: 9/10

A – Double Under’s 10 Sets x 15 UNBROKEN. Record Time.

B – Trap Bar Hack Squat 3 Sets x 8-12 @ 4110 + 1 AMRAP Jump Squat
Rest 2mins b/w sets)

C – Handstand Step Ups x 10 Up and Down on 1.5inch, in the least number of sets possible.
(Rest 90s b/w sets)

D1 – Incline Pulley Bench Press 3 Sets x  10-15 @ 2011
*pause at top is tension on, not locked out  

(Rest 10s the proceed to D2

D2 – Incline Thumb Up Rear Delt Fly 3 Sets x 10-15 @ 2011
(Rest 10s then proceed to D3)

D3 – Ab Sling Toes To Bar 3 Sets x AMRAP @ 4111
(Rest 30s then go back to D1)


Workout Saturday March 18th, 2017 – Today Tabata flow exercises, Dual Kettlebell swings, Db Bent Over Board Row, Barbell Roll Outs, and some Hammer Curls to finish.  Needless to say today is all about posterior chain work, mid-line stability and with a focus on pulling muscles.  

Weight – 180.5lbs  HRV – 8 Sympathetic

Stress: 4/10 – Sleep: 8/10  – Nutrition: 9/10 – Energy: 8/10 – H2O: 8/10

A – Tabata Flow 2 Sets x 20s (10s Rest) for each exercise
A1 – Straight Arm Side Plank Left 
A2 – Straight Arm Side Plank Right

A3 – Push Up Position Side Swipes
A4 – High Knee Running
A5 – Fast Cycle Jumps  

B – Dual Russian Kettlebell Swing 8 Sets x 10
(Rest 60s b/w sets)

C – Db Board Row 4 Sets x  AMRAP in 30s 
(Rest 2mins b/w sets)

D – Barbell Roll Outs 3 Sets x 8-12 @ 3111
(Rest 90s b/w sets)

E – Db Close Hammer Curl 3 Sets x 8-12 @ 3011 + 1 AMRAP @ 20-50%


Today’s Workout: Feb 23nd, 2017Today some jump rope double under endurance practice, deep lunge holds,  continued work on the goal of accumulating 2 minutes of handstand holds in 4 sets, and a triplet of kettlebell squeeze press, muscle snatch, and ab sling knee’s to bar.  

Weight – 185.5lbs  HRV7 Sympathetic

Stress: 6/10 – Sleep: 9/10  – Nutrition: 9/10 – Energy: 8/10 – H2O: 9/10

A – Jump Rope 200 Double Under’s in least # of sets possible
(Rest as needed b/w attempts (max 2mins)   

B – Deep Lunge Holds 4 Sets x 30s per leg @ just off floor
(Rest 60s b/w legs)

C – Handstand Holds  build to 2 minutes of holding in the least # of sets possible.
(Rest as needed)

D1 – Kettlebell Incline Incline Squeeze Press 3 Sets x 12-20 @ 3010
(Rest 10s then proceed to D2)

D2 – Barbell Muscle Snatch 3 Sets x 12-20
(Rest 10s then proceed to D3)
D3 – Ab Sling Knee’s To Bar 3 Sets x 8-15
(Rest 60s then proceed to D1)


Guilty Pleasure Exercises – New Episode Of The 2 Strong Guys Podcast


Episode 80 – Today we talk about our favourite go to guilty pleasure exercises to do in the gym. Those exercises we feel strong doing. Power Cleans, bicep curls, rowing, kettlebells, and more.

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