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Workout – Monday June 19th, 2017 – Today was a day to get after it. Started with some low step ups to kind of reset and get the right things firing, on to front squats from there, the goal a nice slow negative, with a good pause at the bottom, wanted to work on being stronger at the bottom and coming out. Then some low incline dumbbell press paired with a thumb up side lateral raise, really liking the thumb up version. To finish off some side lying external rotator work and some incline tricep work as active rest for the rotator cuff work. 

Weight – 196.25lbs  HRV2 Parasympathetic

Stress: 5/10 – Sleep: 7/10  – Nutrition: 7/10 – Energy: 7/10 – H2O: 8/10

A – Row 15s On / 15s Off x 5mins. Record Calories.

B – Front Squat

  • build to a tough but manageable 1 rep in 10mins or less
  • 4 Sets x 3  @ 5311 

(Rest 2-3mins b/w sets)

C1 – Low Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4 Sets x 6-8 @ 3011
(Rest 10s then do a set of C2) 
C2 – Thumb Up Side Dumbbell Raise 4 Sets x 8-10 @ 3012
(Rest 2:30mins then do a set of C1)

D1 – Side Lying External Rotations 3 Sets x 6-8 @ 4111
(Rest is doing a set of D2) 
D2 – Single Arm High Incline Tricep Extension 3 Sets x 8-10 @ 4110 
(Rest is doing a set of D1)