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Nutrition, Workout Technology and Long Term Success  – New Episode Of The 2 Strong Guys Podcast


Episode 84 – Today we talk a little about where the industry may be going, how technology can take you pretty far these days, the keys to long term success , Erik’s new challenge and more.

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Workout – Feb 2nd, 2017

Workout Feb 2nd, 2017

Workout Feb 2nd, 2017

Today’s Workout: Feb 2nd, 2017 – Today some jump rope and higher repetition box jump, the priority being continued progress on handstand and some accessory work on chain pull aparts and incline fly’s.  

Weight – 187.5lbs  HRV – 9 Sympathetic

Stress: 4/10 – Sleep: 9/10  – Nutrition: 9/10 – Energy: 8/10 – H2O: 9/10

A – Jump Rope 4 Sets x 50 UNBROKEN Double Under’s
(90s b/w sets)   

B – 24” Box Jump 3 Sets x 20 UNBROKEN, directly after last set 20 alternating jump lunges
(Rest 90s b/w sets)

C – Handstand Holds  build to 2 minutes of holding in the least # of sets possible.
(Rest as needed)

D1 – Db Incline Fly 3 Sets x 10-15 @ 3010
(Rest 10s then proceed to D2)
D2 – Chain Pulley Pull Apart 3 Sets x 10-15 @ 3011
(Rest 10s then proceed to D3)
D3 – Ab Sling Hip Raise 3 Sets x 12-20
(Rest 60s then proceed to D1)