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A quote I have sitting on my gym door for me to see every time I leave the gym. A simple, powerful statement and a gentle reminder of what it takes to change for the better and be consistent.


It helps me keep in mind how important it is for me to stay uncomfortable in that fear and embrace it.


There comes a point as one ages that things start getting harder.


What keeps me going is knowing that the better I do now, the longer I get to do it.


Just like saving for retirement, the earlier you make a change for the better, the more you get to enjoy life later.


We all would love to be able to get up tomorrow and break all the bad habits we have and replace them with more positive ones.


However people just don’t work that way.


You have to:

1 – Want something that bad enough to be willing to place it in your #1 priority slot.

2 – Be good and ready to make a change in your life.

3 – Be ready to get uncomfortable for a while.

4 – Change for you alone. You can’t make a change for someone else.


The good news it’s much easier to break a habit today than to try to break it tomorrow. If you’re ready don’t let a bad habit gain any more strength.


Some words of wisdom about getting to comfortable:


“It’s real hard to get up at 5am & run 5 miles when you’re in a 4 post bed wearing silk pyjamas”–Marvin Hagler (Boxer)



Making health, nutrition, and fitness non-negotiable is the key to long term success. We don’t always want to go to work but we have to in order to do other things we may want to do.