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Wired & Tired:
Stuck On The Inside


wired and tired 1

Ever notice that when you finally decide to take a good long vacation, we’re talking 2 weeks here not a long weekend, that it takes you a good 3-4 days to even gear down and start relaxing.


Once you finally start relaxing then you look back and say something to the effect of:


 “holy s*** I was pretty wound up there


But you did not and would not have notice that UNTIL you had the time to unwind a bit.


We as human beings are quite remarkable. When we are in the thick of a problem we barely notice how much stress we are under.


While we’re stuck on the inside we have a laser focused narrow tunnel view of the problem at hand that allows us to ignore most of the others things OR possible solutions that may be going on around us.


This is good for solving a short term problem, but when we get stuck in this loop we stop progressing, we lose our creativity and productivity without even knowing it.


This narrow place often comes on so gradually over time that you don’t notice there is a problem until it’s too late.


The only way of getting out of this place is to realize you are in this place, and unfortunately the only times this happens is when we are forced.


Forced by a bigger problem, forced by tragedy, forced by a quick slap in the face from someone you who cares about you.

Wired and tired 2

We need to get better at realizing when a change of perspective is necessary before it becomes an issue.


Luckily most people have someone in their lives they can rely on.


People do actually love to help people they like.


The problem here is two-fold:

1 – They need to know that you need help in the first place


2 – You have to be ready to HEAR them.


Here are some early warning signs to pay attention:


  • You feel there is not enough time in the day
  • You stop doing things you enjoy
  • You start only seeing 1 solution to a given problem
  • You start drinking more coffee
  • You are sleeping but not feeling rested
  • You start skipping regular meals
  • You start overreacting to the small things
  • You memory is slipping
  • You start craving salty foods



Once you find you triggers share them with people so they can help slap some sense into you before it has a chance to gain traction.